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Employment Insurance (EI) Must Help More Workers

EI is the most important income security program for workers faced with unemployment, but current eligibility criteria allow only 40% of male workers to qualify for benefits in the face of unemployment. This number decreases to 32% for unemployed women.

Having access to EI ensures that families can avoid falling into poverty while they seek employment that matches their skills or have the opportunity to receive valuable training which will improve their employment opportunities.

It is time for the federal government to use the accumulated surplus in the EI fund which reaches over $50 billion on the workers who need it the most, particularly as we head into a period of economic insecurity.

Eligibility requirements should be restored to 360 hours, with benefit levels based on the best 12 weeks of earnings at 60% of earnings as a minimum.

Family Security in Insecure Times: The Case for a Poverty Reduction Strategy for Canada, 2008 Report Card


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It’s been 25 years - But over 1.3 Million Children in Canada Still Live in Poverty!

25 years ago, the Canadian House of Commons unanimously passed an all-party resolution to end child poverty in Canada by the year 2000. Since then, an entire generation of children have grown up impoverished, experiencing hunger, unstable housing and suffering from the impacts low wages, unemployment, discrimination, stress, and inequality have had on their families.

Join us in calling on the Canadian Government to make child and family poverty history in Canada! Send a letter to all the federal party leaders and your Member of Parliament today in English or French.

On Nov. 24, 2014, Campaign 2000 released the new annual national Report Card on child and family poverty that shows 1.3 million Canadian children are still living in povertyEradicating poverty will ensure that every child is able realize their full potential.

Call for ALL political parties to take action and keep the promise made to Canada’s children in 1989, urging them to help develop/implement a comprehensive Canadian poverty eradication plan, and to support a private member’s motion (M-534) on Eliminating Child Poverty.

Yours in solidarity,

Make Poverty History Steering Committee and Campaign 2000: End Child Poverty in Canada

 Urgent Action Needed re Bill C-43 (formerly Bill C-585)

Campaign 2000 and many other organizations across the country have been working closely with our partner, Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC), who has taken a lead role organizing around Bill C-585, which has now become Bill C-43

We are calling for your urgent action and support:

  • Endorse the Revised Open Letter to Finance Minister Joe Oliver in English or French (send your endorsement to isac@lao.on.ca as soon as possible)
  • Submit a written brief ASAP! Send a written submission to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (see more details below); Address your submissions to the Clerk of the Committee, Mike MacPherson, whose contact information is available on House of Commons/Parliament of Canada website
  • For full updates on the bill, read the backgrounder in English or French


Previous Take Action Intiatives

Support the Poverty Elimination Act: Write to your MP to pass Bill C-233

Join us in urging our elected representatives to support the Poverty Elimination Act and pass Bill C-233. This is a joint initiative by Make Poverty History and Dignity for All, endorsed and supported by Campaign 2000.

Make Poverty History Dignity for All

Support the Poverty Elimination Act

November 24th is a special day in the fight against poverty.

On November 24, 1989, Canada’s House of Commons passed a unanimous all-party resolution to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000.

On November 24, 2009, the House passed another unanimous motion to, “develop an immediate plan to eliminate poverty in Canada for all”.

And last November the House’s Human Resources Committee called for a federal poverty reduction plan with measurable targets and timelines. The sad part is nothing’s been implemented to date. Twenty-two years, two unanimous House resolutions, and several reports calling for action, yet nearly 3,200,000 Canadians continue to live in poverty.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a law that required the federal government to take action? Well there is just such a law now before Parliament. It’s called the Act to Eliminate Poverty in Canada (Bill C-233) [link to http://parl.gc.ca/HousePublications/Publication.aspx?Docid=5100295&file=4]. 

A private members bill introduced by NDP MP Jean Crowder, Bill C-233 would require the federal government to consult with anti-poverty groups and people living in poverty, and then draw up a plan that includes targets and timelines for reducing poverty. This bill would lay the groundwork for real action.

In October, many of you sent a message to the Prime Minister about this very bill.   This November 24, send the message to your MP. Ask him or her to support Bill C-233. Private members bills rarely become law. But if enough MPs hear a strong message from their constituents, we can build a momentum that can’t be stopped.

To make the message even louder, we have a paper petition for you to download and print. Once you get 25 friends to sign the Bill C-233 Petition you can ask your Member of Parliament to present it to the House of Commons. If they refuse, let us know so we can get another MP to present the petition.

More details on how to take action to end poverty with this petition can be found when you download the Bill C-233 Petition.  Let’s get behind this proposed Poverty Elimination Act. Let’s insist the Federal Government make poverty history in Canada.

Thank you for your support!

Simon Lewchuk For the Make Poverty History/The Dignity for All campaign team


Here is a letter sample that you could use to email your MP:

Dear Mr./Ms./Hon.,

On November 24th, 1989, the House of Commons passed a unanimous all-party resolution to eliminate child poverty by the year 2000. Twenty years later, the House passed another unanimous motion to, “develop an immediate plan to eliminate poverty in Canada for all”. Most recently, in November 2010, the Human Resources (HUMA) Committee called for a federal poverty reduction plan with measurable targets and timelines.

Despite these good intentions, nearly 3,200,000 Canadians continue to live in poverty. We need action. I urge you to support Bill C-233, An Act to Eliminate Poverty in Canada. The Bill would mandate a federal plan for poverty elimination that complements provincial and territorial plans by setting clear, measurable standards, and provides coordination, support, and adequate funding. Poverty is unacceptable and can be eliminated. Please support Bill C-233.

Yours sincerely,

Do find your MP go to the Parliament of Canada website.


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